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Momina Valley Holiday Village and Ibar golf course sites at Dolna Banya, near Borovets
'Super Borovets'
Huge development plans should assure position of Borovets as world-class resort winter and summer.
"Rents from Bulgarian ski apartments expected to be double those on the coast."
The Times 20 May 2005
Bulgarian traditional style
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Land for sale next to prestigious golf course!

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The Bulgaria Properties Ltd registered company is for sale, along with associated assets, including the domain name "" and this web site (established since 2003), the domain name "" (first created in 2003), and all the properties in Bulgaria that are advertised for sale on this web site, namely: the plots of land in Plovdiv, Dolna Banya, Madzhare and Maritsa, with or without their architectural plans for building apartments.

The properties in Bulgaria offered for sale here are owned nominally by companies registered in Bulgaria. These companies are, therefore, included in the sale.

The owner of Bulgaria Properties Ltd is retiring, but is willing to act as a consultant to help the buyer in any way possible in continuing this business.

Please send your offer for the entire package to:, or telephone 0871 226 2296 for a chat, if you prefer.

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